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「專訪」阿姆斯特丹建築師 Alondra & Johan 的家
2014-08-14  編輯 Audrey  人氣 33,239

Alondra 與 Johan 是兩位來自於智利與瑞典的建築師,六年前因來到阿姆斯特丹工作而相識。Alondra 的個性活潑熱情,曾騎單車環繞歐洲了七個多月,而 Johan 的個性沈穩內斂,非常喜歡簡單的生活與事物。兩人相識後短暫的交往了一個月,之後卻隔了四年才真正擦出火花。Alondra 半年前拎了幾只皮箱和三盆植物,正式搬進 Johan 四年前在阿姆斯特丹買的小公寓。一開始他們換了一些家具的擺放位置,而漸漸開始一連串的裝潢計畫。「這是我第一次擁有一個真正像樣的家,之前都是在外分租房子。現在我終於會存錢買些有質感的好東西放在家裡。」
Alondra and Johan are an architect couple from Chile and Sweden who met each other in Amsterdam six years ago. Alondra is outgoing and active, who has once cycled around Europe for 7 months, while Johan is calm and reserved, enjoying things of concentration and simplicity. Although they met six years ago, it wasn’t until after four years until the relationship really sparked – Alondra brought but a few suitcases and her three plants and moved into the apartment Johan had purchased four years ago. They first started by rearranging some furniture, then embarked on many projects to remodel the house. “This was my first time having a real home; I was always renting before, but now I finally have a chance to save money and buy things that I really like to put in the house,” Alondra said.

兩人雖喜歡阿姆斯特丹的市區生活,但也考慮搬去不一樣的環境國家。Alondra 的家人在智利 Santiago 的衝浪勝地擁有一塊地,計畫蓋一棟週末度假小屋。小屋除了講究極簡造型之外,並巧妙運用空間隔出八個通往共同陽台的房間。Alondra 說到此,翻出一本建築素材的書,裡頭介紹使用農作物的副產品「稻草」來做茅草牆。一梱梱的稻草不但價錢便宜,並能廢物利用融貫永續建築的概念。兩人平時在家喜歡一起煮菜烤麵包,週末則盡量外出參觀展覽。Johan喜歡旅行時收集各國家的書籍,展示在客廳的書牆很漂亮。一起來參觀兩位建築師的家吧!
Even though they enjoy the city life in Amsterdam, they also wish to explore other cities and countries. Alondra’s family has a piece of land in the surfing city in Santiago, so the two made proposals to build a weekend house there. Other than having a minimal design, they also planned the space efficiently to make eight rooms leading to a communal terrace. Alondra has also found a sustainable material - straw bales – which utilizes agriculture leftovers as building material; not only are these straw bales sturdy, but also cheap and a great alternative for reusable construction. The two enjoy cooking and baking at home and visiting exhibitions on weekends. Johan has a beautiful collection of international books in the book wall of the living room from the places he has travelled. Welcome to the home tour of Alondra and Johan’s house!

Alondra & Johan 的家
阿姆斯特丹市 / 屋齡 104 年 / 居住時間 4 年 / 室內坪數 15 坪 / 格局 2 房 1廳 1 衛

喜歡的居家風格?Interior design styles that you like?
現代/日式風格/極簡 Contemporary/ Japanese object design/ minimal

靈感參考來源?Sources of Inspiration?
藝術/電影/當代藝術展覽 Art/ cinema/ contemporary art exhibitions

喜歡的居家品牌?Brands or stores you like?
HAY / iittala / VITSO / Bouroullec

家具採購來源?Where did you buy your furniture and accessories?
HAY / Wonen 2000 / Bijenkorf (荷蘭百貨公司) Home 居家用品

推薦品牌或店家?Recommended stores or brands?
Restored / Vivian Haan (陶瓷玻璃藝品店) / Store without a Home / Jochen de Wit / Miscellaneous / Orrefors (瑞典經典玻璃工廠)

自己 DIY 的部分?Anything you made by hand?
廚房的檯面是 Johan 自己拼的,餐桌是訂製的。 Johan made the kitchen counter, the table is also customized.

最滿意的空間?The space you like the most?
餐廳,雖然空間小但是利用家具擺設便能製造出餐廳和客廳的區別。Living room, even though it’s small but we were able to make a nice dining and living area with furniture arrangement.

最不滿意的空間?The space you dislike the most?
廁所,因為沒有自然光線,且潮濕需要花很多時間清理。Bathroom, because it doesn’t have natural light and the humidity makes it hard to clean.

最滿意的家具?Your favorite piece of furniture?
餐桌和收集的碗盤。The table and collection of plates.

最開心的事情?The happiest thing?
把家具換位置。Rearranging the furniture.

最自豪的事情?What are you most proud of?
Johan is proud of the herb garden and his baking (it counts as part of the house!). He spent a lot of time taking care and reading about planting herbs, and can make sourdough bread just like professional bakeries, which they can eat for a long time when kept in the freezer.

給網友的建議?Any tips or suggestions for new home owners?
Try rearranging the furniture instead of buying new things. Sometimes the atmosphere and liking of the object changes when it’s in a new place. Have lots of patience, pick and save up for the things you like.

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