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「專訪」與家人一起成長的房子 - Lene 的綠色系丹麥屋
2014-12-13  編輯 Audrey  人氣 31,643

從事教育工作的 Lene,居住在離丹麥哥本哈根約一小時車程的小鎮 Høng。Høng 位於丹麥西蘭島的西岸,因地形平坦造成農木業發達,大部份的人都居住在擁有大後院的獨棟房子。Lene 這間屋子自十七年前買下後,全家人(包括小孩在內)總共花了十年親手整修。Lene 說,「這間屋子除了屋頂和外牆不是我們蓋的,其他全部都是。」丹麥因人工成本貴,大部份的人都擅長手作,房子裝修也自己來。全家人一起工作,女人跟小孩也不例外,當房子好不容易完成後不僅很有成就感,也裡裡外外是大家理想的模樣。「唯一的缺點是真的花費太多時間,且好幾年都得住在灰塵裡頭。剛開始的幾個月,我們廚房還得搭在後院。」參觀 Lene 的房子,可看見屋裡都以 Lene 最喜歡的綠色裝飾。室內完成後,也可終於開始後院種植的工作。除了原有的蘋果樹之外,Lene 也種了許多莓子,蔬菜與小樹。翻著之前裝修時的相簿,看見大家分工合力的照片,會發現這棟屋子實質上的與家人一同改變,一同成長。

Lene lives in Høng, a small town around an hour away from Copenhagen. Geographically, Høng is a flat piece of land with a lot of agricultural development, and most people there live in single houses with spacious backyards. After Lene purchased the house seventeen years ago, the whole family spent ten years working on it inside out. The family built everything other than the roof and exterior walls.Due to high labor costs in Denmark, most people are used to working with their own hands, even remodeling their houses. The whole family works together to build their ideal house, children and women are no exception. “The only thing is that it takes too much time, and we have to live a few years in the dust. When we started out the first couple of months, our kitchen was in the backyard.”The house is decorated with Lene’s favorite color green. After the interior is finished, finally she can start working on the backyard. Other than the existing tree, she also planted berries, vegetables and tree seedlings. When flipping through old albums of the whole family working, we can see the house has grown and changed with the family together over the years.

Høng 市 / 屋齡 110 年 / 居住時間 17 年 / 室內坪數 71 坪 / 格局 5 房 3 廳 2 衛

喜歡的居家風格?Styles you like?
沒有 None, the house is just me.

靈感參考來源?Sources of inspiration?
丹麥電視台有許多有關居家裝潢的節目,英國的 Restoring Home 節目。
There are many Danish programs on TV about home remodeling, Restoring Home (UK)

喜歡或推薦的居家品牌?Brands you like?
Ide (丹麥設計) / Ide (Danish design)

家具採購來源?Sources of furniture?
大部份都是遺傳下來的,小東西從 Ikea 買,先生的爺爺有流傳下一個 Borge Morgensen 的沙發
Most are inherited. Small things are bought from Ikea. Husband’s grandfather had left behind a Borge Morgensen couch.

自己 DIY 的部分?DIY?
除了屋頂和外面的牆,其他都是自己弄的。We made everything other than the roof and walls.

最滿意的空間?Space you like the most?
客廳 Living room

最滿意的家具?Favorite piece of furniture?
客廳的沙發 Couch in the living room

最開心的事情?Happiest thing in the process?
能夠想像,自己執行,並且看見成果。Being able to imagine, execute, and see the end results.

最不開心的事情?Least favorite thing during the process?
時間花費太久,必須得住在灰塵中 Spent too much time and having to live in the dust

最自豪的事情?Thing you are most proud of?
家裡的採光很好,到處都有光線 The lighting in the house. There is light from every angle.

最後悔的事情?What do you regret the most?
沒有什麼大事,只有一些小細節 Just small details, nothing big.

如果能夠重來?If I can start over?
I would leave the wood flooring in the dining room and kitchen instead of tiles

給網友的建議?Tips for new home-owners?
Remodeling your house always takes up twice your budget and twice your time, so be patient! Don’t look for an easy way out, because it will not be what you want in the long term.

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