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「專訪」來自葡萄牙的六房精品旅館 - ROSA ET AL

擁有一間自己的民宿或小旅店,時常是隨口談起的夢想,但實際去執行卻需要很大的勇氣與決心。五年前,辭去工作後的 Patricia,憑著她曾擔任銀行資產管理的經驗,毅然決然的在波爾圖買了一棟百年老房。
Many people have dreams of having their own hotel or small business, but few have the courage and determination to actually execute this talk. A few years ago after quitting her job as an asset manager, Patricia used her experiences to buy a hundred-year old house in the city of Porto.

她與身為建築師的哥哥 Emanuel 評估買下後,開始將房子大改造。房子不大,僅有六間房間可出租;一進門是像家一樣溫暖的客廳接待處,往後走便是餐廳。餐廳的菜單一律是 Emanuel 定期更換搭配,道地的葡萄牙菜與套酒,全來自於當地有機農作物。餐廳後方有個長形的花園,天氣好的時候房客便可在外頭喝咖啡。
After evaluations with her architect brother Emanuel, the siblings purchased the house and started renovations. The house has but six rooms for guests; you are first welcomed by a cozy living room serving as lobby area, then you reach the restaurant as you walk further. The menus are changed and decided regularly by Emanuel; local Portuguese cuisine coupled with wine, made with organic, fresh ingredients from local farmers. A garden lies behind the restaurant, where guests have coffee and relax on sunny days.

由於過去的種種工作經驗讓 Patricia 時常出差,因此住遍許多飯店。這也使她意識到身為房客真正想要的是什麼 - 一種慢活,舒適的經驗。因此在 Rosa et Al 早餐時間一直到中午才結束,房客到下午三點才需退房。旅店裡沒有時鐘,每間房間的擺設都像家一樣各自有風格與不同的家具。這裡的家具有一大半是Patricia與哥哥親自挑選的復古家具,而一小部分則是從 Patricia 自家搬來的。她們買的時候並沒有特別考慮擺放位置,而是看到漂亮的,喜歡的就下手。她原本擔心家具會不合適房子,充滿擺設 sense的哥哥卻要她不要擔心,說總是會找到位子的。因此,旅店裡的家具雖然不多,卻是不停替換後才終於找到屬於他的位置。
Because of Patricia’s past working experiences that required her to travel often, she realised exactly what guests need and want during their stays - a comfortable, slow-living experience. This is the reason why at her townhouse, breakfast ends at noon, and guests have the option to check out three in the afternoon. There are no clocks in the hotel; every room has its unique flair and differentiating furniture as you’d find in a house. Most of these pieces were hand-picked by Patricia and Emanual, and a small portion came directly from Patricia’s house. They purchased the furniture based on their likings, without thinking too much where exactly they should be. Each of the furniture in the house have been alternated until they have found a perfect place for it to stay permanently.

正式營業後,Rosa et Al 獲得 Respect for Architecture PORTO 2012 設計獎項,並陸續被 New York Times 以及 Monocle 等許多媒體採訪報導。「有很多人跟我說,當老闆很開心,好像我每天都可以坐在客廳打毛線一樣。事實上,我是可以隨心所欲地做事,但我無時無刻都在工作。剛開始營業的前九個月,我幾乎沒有離開這裡。」
After officially opening, Rosa et Al received the RESPECT FOR ARCHITECTURE PORTO 2012 design award, and have continued to be appear in magazines and articles such as NY Times or Monocle. “A lot of people said it’s nice to be your own boss, as if I spend all day on the couch. It is true I can do whatever I want, but I’m working all the time. The first nine months when we opened, I never even left the place.”

波爾圖市 / 屋齡 115 年 / 居住時間 2 年 / 室內坪數 140 坪 / 格局 6 房

靈感參考來源? Sources of Inspiration?
Monocle, Wallpaper/ Apartamento/ Kinfolk/ Cereal 雜誌 The Sound of Music/ Le Mepris 電影

家具採購來源?Furniture Sources?

推薦品牌或店家?Recommended brands/ stores?
B&B Italia
Delightfull (葡萄牙燈飾,旅館裡有擺兩盞)
CASA ALMADA (葡萄牙復古家具店 www.casaalmada.com)

旅店的概念?Concept of the hotel?
We hope to show the concept of slow living, giving customers what they really need. Because I had to travel very often before due to work, this hotel is made from traveler for travellers.

開旅館遇到最大的問題是什麼?The biggest problem in running a hospitality business?
Managing the people. It's difficult to find people with same ideals, or to further educate or communicate with them.

收納技巧?Organization methods/ tips?
I’m a person who organizes a lot, on the contrary my brother likes to collect things. We have a rule to throw away one item every time we get a new item. At home, or in the hotel, I throw away everything I don’t need.

I often think that, even if you knew what mistakes you’d make, you’ll only make other mistakes. So there's really nothing to regret.

如果可以重來?If you were to start over?
Although as an asset manager I thought it was a good decision to purchase this house, I am of course also worried possibilities of failing. But optimistically, I thought even if it doesn’t work, I'll just have a big house to live in myself.

開民宿是很多人的夢想,你會如何建議這些尚未下定決心的人?Many people dream of having such a business, how will you advise those who haven't decided?
It’s very tiring to manage a hospitality business, you run into miscellaneous problems everyday. But, you encounter bad things and also there are good things, for example when customers tell you they’ll return again for sure. So try to think positively, because everything in life has a good and bad.

給網友的建議?Advice for first-time home owners?
Put something you like down first, then start build around it.

+351 223 400 730

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