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「專訪」波特蘭隨四季更迭 Stella 和 Charles 的生活藝術之屋
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Stella 和 Charles 相識於學生時期,有著相同設計背景的兩人一拍即合,成為愛侶。大學畢業後,兩人分別於私人企業擔任平面設計師多年,後來也結了婚,買下生平第一棟屬於彼此的房子。他們以天賦裝飾著自己的家,與兩隻狗兒快樂地在此生活著,歲月靜好。但是,日復一日的工作型態卻讓兩人開始思考,是不是能夠有些不同?

Stella and Charles both went to school for art, and graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design. The same passion to design brought them together as a couple. After working as graphic designers for corporations, they got married and then bought their very first house. They used their talent and creativity to decorate their home, living happily together with their two fur kids. However, doing the same work from day to day brought them to this question: can we do something different?

兩人的好友在洛杉磯的藝廊,是他們經常流連的地方,看著他們的成功模式,催化著 Stella 和 Charles 體內長年熱愛藝術的基因,兩人決定加盟朋友的藝廊,也成為藝廊主理人。他們賣掉房子,搬離從小生長的洛杉磯,向北遷徙,來到嬉皮的聚集之地-波特蘭(Portland)。

While hanging out at their friends’ gallery in LA, they felt satisfied and inspired. As time went by, their love for art finally led them to make the decision of becoming gallery owners. They sold their house, and left their hometown, moving toward north to the hippie city Portland, to add an addition to the Nucleus Gallery in LA.

波特蘭除了是藝術設計愛好者的天堂,更擁有全球密度最高的啤酒廠。因此 Stella 和 Charles 決定為他們的藝廊注入當地的文化特色,於是一間結合藝術和手工啤酒的空間 Nucleus Portland 就在去年夏天誕生。由於他們將大部份存款投入了藝廊的經營,於是只能先以租賃的方式打點自己的私人生活空間。他們在一處距離藝廊不遠的住宅區裡,租下了一間平房。比一般人幸運的是,因為工作的關係,能夠大量接觸最新的藝術品,每當為藝廊挑選作品時,也成為他們最頭痛的時候,因為每件都想私藏。也因此,總能在他們的家中角落,瞥見隨時換季的藝術痕跡。他們喜歡的藝術,不是那種遙不可及,而是充滿生活感的。隨時更新的創意佈置加上四季鮮明的自然環境,在 Stella & Charles 的波特蘭家中,看見了獨特的生活藝術。

Not only known as art and design, Portland has the most breweries of any city in the world. Therefore, Stella and Charles decided to bring this local culture into their gallery. Since they invested most of their savings into the business, they rent a bungalow within a short distance away from the gallery as their temporary home. They said they are lucky to get to see the newest art in this rapid art market, which also gives them a hard time of deciding which pieces they are gonna keep for themselves. As a result, the artwork on the walls is always changing in their home. Creative decoration with lively climate, while visiting Stella and Charles’s home in Portland, I have witnessed their life of art.

Stella & Charles 的家
美國奧勒岡州波特蘭市 / 居住時間 1 年 / 室內坪數 28 坪 / 格局 2 房 2 廳 1 衛

喜歡的居家風格?Interior design styles that you like?
中世紀現代主義以及更早期的一些元素。Mid century modern & hints from past eras.

佈置靈感來源?Sources of Inspiration?
Basically our budget - When you have limitations, you make things work creatively and naturally.

家具採購來源?Where did you buy your furniture and accessories?
Most of our furniture is second-hand vintage, anywhere from 1940’s-1970’s.

自己 DIY 的部分?Anything you made by hand?
有些廚房窗廉和坐墊是 Charles 做的。
Charles made some kitchen window curtains and seat cushions.

最滿意的家具?Your favorite piece of furniture?
Currently, our favorite piece of furniture is our dining table. It’s quirky because it resembles a lemon slice. I love it because it’s not a common table you see everyday. It’s white and yellow, with metal yellow legs.

喜歡的居家品牌?Favorite brands or stores?
Eames, Muji.

朋友如何形容你家?How do friends describe your place?
充滿生命力。很有綠意和個性。Full of life: Very green and full of character.

最滿意的空間?The space you like the most?
The Dining room because the sun comes in right on the dining table while we enjoy our breakfast.

家中最重要的東西?The most important thing at home?
廚房和暖氣。The Kitchen & the heater

最重要的小元素?The most important small element?
The artwork on the walls because each one has a different story, and can bring a certain feeling to each room in it’s content and colors.

最開心的事情?The happiest thing?
It’s cozy. There’s just enough space for what we need.

最不滿意的空間?The space you dislike the most?
The restroom is quite small, so it can be a hassle taking turns.

理想的生活型態?What is your ideal lifestyle?
We are currently living on the minimal side. Owning a business has given us creative freedom, but on the other hand, it has changed our lifestyle in terms of budgeting and time management. We live simple lives: work, cook, enjoy beers at our local bar/brewery… We are fortunate to be a short distance from the surroundings of nature. We hope that our business flourishes and blooms so that we can do what we miss the most - travel the world.

你的夢想是什麼?What is your dream?
This is our dream: living in the Pacific Northwest being surrounded by greenery & friendly people in a creative city.

最自豪的事情?What are you most proud of?
Everything is curated by us, and even if we don’t necessarily know what we’re doing when we decorate, it seems to create an intimate space that reflects our personalities.

給網友的建議?Any tips or suggestions for new home owners?
Be practical and patient for what you are looking for. Everything you own should serve a purpose, even if it’s something that just sits there and makes you happy when you see it.

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