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My Place
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my favorite time of the day. early morning before the 'hood is alive with the sounds of yapping dogs, lawn mowers, loud music from loud cars, and screaming kids.
$10. i'm celebrating with a margarita. i pretty much celebrate everything with a margarita.
i made the brown lamp yellow. ta da.
with a peek into the bathroom.
and an orange bucket. photo taken from car at a stop sign in maine.
this is the first time i've attempted to grow fresh herbs. will cats pee on them? will squirrels eat them? is this safe?
this time i got really lucky with the colors. rarely do i spy a thrift store afghan in these great colors in darn near-perfect condition. and for $4.
one of (4) chairs and a matching table (!) found on craigslist. they're not saarinen. they're knock-offs by kreuger. the upholstery on all 4 chairs needs serious recovering.
only this version has grommets.
my little bitty teeny tiny bedroom.
here i'm disguising the skirt as a spare blanket at the edge of my bed. did i trick you with my amazing trickery?
with a skier pillow i made. the afghan i didn't make.
bears seemed to be my craft theme for this winter.
my christmas wall.
thrifted this cool sling chair a couple days before christmas. no markings, not sure of origin. but i kinda love it.
i've added (2) armless thonet chairs to the (2) thonet armchairs i've had for years. i was psyched to find these.
lucerne, switzerland
found a near-death snake plant and brought her back to life for my bullet planter.
and a danish candleholder on top of an ary sweden tray table.
i dunno. took some vintage pink paisley fabric that i truly love and covered one (of 4) chairs. it's not knocking my socks off. maybe in the right setting. like, my imaginary cottage on the water.
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