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My Place
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kevin made this barn door to separate my studio and guest room from the rest of the house.
books, books and more books
kevin bought this sign at the side show on coney island for $50!
a doll and what not collection
if you can see, i painted the wall with high gloss/low gloss stripes.
i love our orange entry and emmett's portrait fits in perfectly.
eating nook, a painting by my son emmett, he made in summer camp. notice the same color as in kevin's building painting.
my old friend from the city made this painting, many years ago.
another little nook. kevin painted this building from his window in an apartment in brooklyn, now the building is quite chic.
i think this is my favorite room in the house.
we demo-ed the kitchen, took down a wall where the bar is located. new window, new cabinets, it's a great place to cook and hang out.
bar stools from a school supply company.
the lamp we bought at a garage sale in maine.
LR 1
LR 2
natural grass wallpaper adds so much warmth to the ranch house bedroom.
i used to collect so many old things, some came out in the new house.
the old cupboard had to stay in the mod house and it works.
a girls dream
we have two small adjacent bathrooms, this one we demo-ed.
my daughter loves to draw.
art studio in back, tv room in front
one of kevin's art pieces from art school, many moons ago.
i wallpapered the wall with old atlas maps. i keep adding little touches of kid stuff in this room.
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