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My Place
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From the bedroom looking down the stairs, 2 little images hang to greet you as you turn the corner
My desk this evening - lisanthus in shades of purple, yummy vanilla candle (square glass holder), and my favourite tiny square photograph of the Eiffel Tower which we bought from a street vendor in Paris on our honeymoon.
Im sure Eddie Ross would have something to say about this table setting, but how *do* you properly set a table for breakfast?
Twas the night before Christmas, and the table was set... my family will be coming very early tomorrow for presents and breakfast, so I have set the festive table tonight.
Left over wrapping paper for the runner, two silver candlesticks on special for <$5 each at Ikea, a string of tinsel for sparkle and left over tree decorations as napkin rings.
Lisanthus, singapore orchids and christmas bush for the flowers, and my beautiful Jasper Conran for Wedgewood wedding tea set
Two of my paintings hang above my mirrored tray table at the foot of the stairs
Bathroom 2
Bathroom Detail 2
Some of my postcard collection hangs on the wall in the bathroom
Small but well laid out, the only thing I would change would be to install a pocket door instead of an opening one, just to save a little space.
Bedside table. The little chest houses all the cards from our wedding.
Barcelona :)
Loungeroom as at January 1 2009 - I have changed up the cushion on the lounge and hung the interactive art
Street art hangs on the shelf beside a wine decanter
Expedit shelves hold books, phtoos, magazines, storage boxes and wine
Stairs up to the bedroom
Side table beside the vintage lounge from ebay (folds down to a daybed) in the study/sunroom
Mirror tray table holds crystal and precious things
You can see the front of the cabinet here - it has wire mesh instead of glass. Above it hangs one of my favourite photos of our wedding. My orchid is deciding whether it wants to flower again or not.
Jasper Conran for Wedgewood sugar bowl and milk jug
The kitchen and our lovely (giant) new fridge
Small morrocan style table is from my dad's house, I have no idea where it came from - a garage sale maybe?
Lounge 3
Arlid lounge bought from the 'As Is' section at Ikea (theres a small tear to the underside). Its small but it fits perfectly between the door and the wall.
Lounge 5
Looking towards the lounge from the kitchen - previously there was a reading chair in this spot (now upstairs in the bedroom), and most recently the Christmas tree. I am now going to make this another small sitting area.
The stairs leading up to the bedroom
Looking from the lounge through to the dining and beyond to the deck
Lounge Towards Stairs
Lounge from Ikea, rug from Freedom, blue cushion from Aldi, black cushion from Spotlight ($6 and I sewed on the white ribbon pattern).
My painting above the mirror tray
Tiles of decking to save bare feet on the hot metal
Looking from the bed down to the rest of the bedroom - there are 2 levels, one with the bed and one with the chair and dresser
Looking back down the stairs
Bedroom Chair Detail
I found this chair on the side of the road, my mum recently recovered it for me from red to a nice crisp white
The steps lead up to a small door and out onto the little roof terrace
Blankets, storage and sewing basket in the bedroom
Storage under the eaves houses everything from shoes to out of season clothes to the christmas tree.
The dresser - all our clothes are crammed into here, with hanging clothes in a small wardrobe in the sunroom downstairs
Up in the bedroom there are 2 dormer windows and one little dormer door to the terrace
Coming up the stairs to the bedroom
Set up for a birthday tea party for my Mum and Nan blogged here
Looking towards the dining table from the kitchen, with the bathroom beyond. The little linen cupboard to the right is tucked under the stairs.
The beautiful morning light was coming in and bouncing off the mirror + crystal. The gardenias are making my whole house smell divine.
My valentines/wedding anniversary present - the tulip side table I've been wanting for ages! blogged here
blogged here
We have a Billy bookcase just to the right of the door as you enter the office/sunroom. It was driving me crazy because it was so untidy, so today I organised it and it now looks much better.
This is the little side table beside the lounge/sofa bed. I reorganised this a little during my organisation spree on the bookshelves.
See the clear roof to the left of the pots? Thats the roof of the deck below. The pots are there to stop a certain bulldog from running around on the roof and scaring his owners half to death (he thinks its hilarious)
The daybed - I think it may be a Fler, but I cant find any markings. The front pulls forward and the back flattens down into a double bed. These are some quick temporary covers until I make soem new ones (the covers it came with were horrendous floral embedded with many years of dust)
Looking out toward the bed - you can see the step up here and the height (or lack of!) of the ceiling
The other side of the staircase up in the bedroom - this is about a foot lower than the platform that the bed in on. The cupboards tucked into the eaves are basically the only storage in the house, and all our clothes live in the drawers.
The master bedroom - its not very tall at all, but we figure when youre in the bedroom youre lying donw most of the time anyways!
The back deck - I would like to get more plants happening out here and possibly even a little water tank.
My desk overlooking the little park next to our house. This is in the sunroom/guestroom off the deck at the back of the house.
My desk belonged to my great grandmother, a fabulous lady named Bessie who was unfortunately a prolific painter of furniture. When I first got this desk it was chipped, decaying and *BRIGHT* ORANGE - several weeks of stripping and sanding through the many layers of her paint, and its now a lovely shade of what I like to call a 'Martha' blue. I think Bessie would have been proud.
From the kitchen, towards the dining room and bathroom
Looking from the deck through the dining to the lounge & front door
Shelves we put up in the kitchen for some extra storage
The kitchen, the pantry is on the far left (just out of shot), and the fridge is just to the left of the photo
Lounge and front door with the reading area in the background
From the lounge through to the bathroom
The reading corner on the other side of the lounge room - the room itself is the width of the house but not very deep, with the front door in the middle. So on one side is the lounge, and the other has this sitting/reading area. The small cupboard with the red handle on the right was my great grandmothers.
The reading corner - the chair was found on the side of the road, the footstool was $3.
The stairs leading up to the bedroom (next to the bookcase/reading corner)
The sun coming in on the steps early in the morning
Daybed with side table in the sunroom, the daybed is awaiting new white covers. Needs some art on the wall behind and/or a new wall colour (possibly wallpaper?)
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