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My Place
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This is the clock in my older son Matt's room! Not the most reliable clock!! This is inspired by the title of Gaylen's picture
This is our candle holder (no candles at the moment!!)
Here is another picture of our dining room - this is a calm moment before I dished up the Christmas Eve roast dinner!! Was going to tidy the room up a bit more before taking the photo, but oh well - it's been messier!
This is our Christmas table and dining room! The reason this is version 1, is JJ prefers the green tablecloth (which will be version 2!), so I thought I'd use my choice in the lead up to Christmas (did you know my fave colour was red?!!) I decorated the large candles with ivy and bayleaves from the garden. This is the first time we've had a Christmas tree in our dining room (which incidently, I decorated, although it's hidden by the bokeh!!!!)
I'd like to dedicate this picture to my nifty mate blindone. He's the sweetest, funniest man, but is going through a rough time. Blindone, I thought I'd share my garden with you - I was amused by our light hanging from the Yucca plant! Take care and chat soon! :~}
Welcome to my world! :~)
Looking down!
What lovely weather to be in the garden! This is our little space, with the emphasis on little! I wish it was bigger, but I've crammed quite a lot of plants in, and as it's South facing it catches quite a lot of sun! One of my favourite plants is the bamboo on the left, which rattles in the breeze!
Reflective Kiwi and I decided it would be a laugh to take a picture at the same time and post it on Flickr! I live in the UK and she lives in NZ, and her time zone is 11 hours ahead of mine, so it wasn't easy picking a suitable time! Hopefully we've achieved it! Happy Weekend, Cindy! xXx Here is Cindy's wonderfully original picture (it's dead good!)
This is what is over our front door. It's great when the sunlight catches it!
Maybe this is a strange subject for a photo for Flickr (but you know me!!) - but our kitchen is in the middle of our house and doesn't get much sunlight. It was nice to see the sun finding a way to this dark corner and casting shadows from the shelves (that Tim built years ago!) Fancy a coffee/tea? Choose your mug!
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