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Artist, writer, reader, builder, dancer, theorist...

I'm a New Year's Day baby born in Biloxi, MS,to an (Illinois-born, half-Blackfoot) Air Force Dad and (Lafayette, Alabama sharecropper's daughter) Mom; we lived in Adana, Turkey, during my Dad's Incirlik AFB stint in the 60's, before returning stateside to California until retirement in 1970. Lived in Biloxi and Gulfport the summer of 1970, but Hurricane Camille of the year before had made finding work there nearly impossible. Then to my Dad's home town in the middle of Illinois, where we kids had to own our first COATS.
We've been here, in the middle of the Corn Belt, ever since; although I've left half a dozen times, lived in Ohio and Florida, I invariably wind up returning...

I was writing little stories (and illustrating them) in black and white composition notebooks when I was 8 or 9, and that fascination for the written word and hand-drawn image has never faded. A 1997 auto accident may have put a few dents in some plans
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