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   ivy style33
來自   德國   職業  interior design consultant - stylist  
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My Place (118 張照片)
(The Penthouse) (172 張照片)
(Apartment 44) (79 張照片)
(parents' house) (6 張照片)
(Veranda) (16 張照片)
Big central window
Rainshower detail
Love the mosaics!! Are they just tiles or metallic material?
Reading corner
simple and elegant
I think this helps to understand the layout of the main space. It is actually a square and four different sections/functional areas are created by dividing the space in a cross. Counterclockwise, starting from the right: -> dining area/occasional seconf office for me -> lounge / sofa area -> little office corner ( the desk actually doesn't belong in the square, as it's placed in the nook, created from the diagonical shape of the roof ) with bookcase / media area between the small and the big Expedit units. -> reading corner/area and stairs up to the bedroom and open dressing areas. ....the tiny kitchen in placed directly behind the reading area. The bathroom is close to the entrance area with the tool unit in front of the half semicircular smaller window. Views of the entrance can be found here: and of the bathroom here: I guess it'll help more to draw the plan, so I'll do that in the next days.
dividing the space in a cross sounds easy, i do hope i am able to make such beautiful dividing. thank you !
lovely size the little things of daily life.... ...such as a fabric that cheers us up... we like... ...activities we enjoy...
beautiful tulip,i like to put flower in my living room, it's fresh .
Blogged here: Picture taken yesterday in late afternoon ....using mostly already existing furniture from our previous homes and spending as less money as possible ( so that most can be invested in gaining experiences through often travelling) were the drawing lines for making this Penthouse a home. My things arrived by track from Greece almost 2 years ago. So let's see how it goes from what is seen here: His: -> two piece sofa corner (Ikea) -> wheeled coffetable legs, which were added to a new surface from Ikea. They were also wallpapered by me, for a little luxus look. Hers: -> 2x4 Expedit -> White flokati from Habitat -> Alseda stool from Ikea -> white, cotton curtains from Ikea -> Vintage Albert Van Luit wallaper found in an amazing shop's attic in Athens, among with a few oher rolls, that are mostly used in my crafts. -> base lamp from Ikea ->handmede brown pillow Bought together: -> Leran big cental pendant lamp (Ikea) -> Balck&white big cushion (x2) from Ikea
好夢幻 真美
so in town is difficult to get a house like this.
Another view from above
So easy to enjoy our life, very nice decorate to make tenant releasing the pressure!
Blue sky brought in from the central window
what a nice place ! ivy style 33 is my favorite !! enjoy watching your decoration. thank you .
Angels on wallpaper
beautiful leaves wall paper.
50s ceiling lamp
very lovely shape ceiling lamp! room today...
Ivy style33 : you are my favorite decorator,i love your style very much ! thank you !
Ruccola salad: -> fresh ruccola & slices of green peppers (optional) -> a bit of salt & pepper -> a spoon of olive oil -> variety of seeds warmed up in a pan, until they start getting brown -> freshly cut permezan cheese -> dried burries ( which we did't have this time) -> and a tiny bit of balsamico Totally green, healthy and tasty : )
yum yum
Garland + Ivy + Deer = happy together
beautiful ivy garland
new bamboo bowl
Hi Ivy, can you share where can buy the baboo bowl, I love it so much^^ thanks
This time the cake offiacialy was found to be the best one ever so far! Disappeared in a flash!
How cute are these rabbits!!
New nesting tables
I am so happy that I have the same lamp as yours.
...reflections of me in the love mirrors....yesterday...
this is really nice !!! love your self portrait by that way :)
Wallpapered storage wall with Tronnes
love it! blogged about it here: (the post will be published at 2 AM Central Time in the States)
Set of 5 - Twig Picture Holders (White Birch)
Great ideas! thank you so much, ivy style33.
Finally...a clock in our house!
Great idea! thank you so much, Ivy style33.
... Santa teapot...
Loved the whole place! Congrats!
...found this wooden "&" at Listmann, a craftshop I usually visit and couldn't resist its cirves and simple beauty. There! It found its place , resting under the shade of the Lack's lamp " umbrella ". In case you like the wallpapered box- drawer and the paper lantern, you may find more about them here:
Ivy? hi. i just want to congrats you about your perfect.harmony.cozy.lovely home. =] im so inspired! and im so a new fan! =]
sofa corner - new look_1
I love the white on white. Very pretty room.
Lovely mats. Ikea cutlery?
Dining area & living room view - winter 09
...the candles are...up! View from the dining area to the sofa corner Update: thank you for Explore # 12 on 10.02.10! blogged here:
I love it:)
this is dreamy...
and that one!
blogged at htp:// ....just wanting to emphasize, that the most important thing for all of us, is to find our own personal style... ...not only in our homes but also in dressing ourselves...and actually in every aspect of living and life. Eating, thinking, behaving, travelling...everything that is part of life! I now it's hard in the era of multi media and trends and "musts"...but being creative, honest to ourselves and engaging into activities that help us learn more about who we really are, are good antidotes. So,yes, to being inspired by any means and in every manner.... And mostly a big YES to discovering who we are, who we want to be, what bring us in peace and how we can be the best we can both for ourselves and the people we love, as much as the whole world out there. If we have one big obligation for enjoying the gift of life and being here, alive, is to be the best US we can ever be. Coz, if WE don't, who else will be for us?....if we are busy trying to be like somebody else, who will be us?...there is not one single person that doesn't have the potential of being a wonderful one, in his or her own way. One basic " ingredient " to more and more reaching there, is Acceptance. Both of all the pleasures life brings to us, but also the hard times. Lately, I make posts about being grateful for a certain small thing in life. Today I 'm grateful FOR my life. ...all we need is to consider all the misfortune that billions of people are facing daily in the world....then all of us, having the luxury of spending time here, can be nothing less than simply grateful. I 'll close this post by saying that I 've decided to be donating to charity for as long as I can, 33% of the earnings of the things that I 'll be making and putting in the Etsy shop. It needs a lot of work that I still have not done....but these days are devoted to that. Every month there'll be a new cause or institution to donate to. But for the first months, I think that the people in Haiti can use all the help they can take. I know that this contribution will be close to being unworthy of calculating, but must admit that I do it also for me. I 'll be feeling better knowing that I add a slight little something and then my crafting sessions will have a deeper meaning for me and reason for doing them. There'll be an announcement about when this will exactly start. The most important thing is that proof can be provided to all of you, about the contributions actually being done to the causes we will be chosing. Suggestions are welcome. All of my life, I had been saying....if I got rich, I 'd be able to help the world...well... I have already become almost 35 and am still anything but rich, speaking of actual assets. But I feel so rich inside and am so grateful for all and everyone that is around me, that this is the right time. P.S : to those few who might be sceptic, suspicious or already critical with out actually having seen, I do inderstand but I have a plea: take a minute and look inside you your mirrors, too...see?'s not that bad : )
this is so lovely
Bedroom with wallpapered storage wall
I love the mix of antique furniture and clean lines of the room along with the more graphic wallpaper.
Bedroom closets
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