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Since I can remember I've loved creating, It started with sketching, then photography. My husband says I have a knack for putting things in the right place and I love modernism so, since having my son, my photography career has taken a back seat and I've ventured into interior design. Having moved just over 4 years ago we are involved in the mammoth task of renovating, decorating & furnishing our 4 bed, Victorian semi in a lovely NW village. It's slow going but we are getting there. My flickr account and blog (when I get some spare time!) show the before, during & after.
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brick fire opening has been undercoated in grey and is waiting to be finished in a rich turquoise colour and the hearth is going to be tiled in similar colour brick tiles...only taken 2 years to get around to it!
lovely ... I love how the fire place lights up too
The vestibule was the worst place ever when we moved here. Dark blue door, roller blind on window, gold fittings, sticky back wood effect floor...yes you heard right! The door leaked the threshold bar didn't work. Hey presto...a work in progress but feels a million times better. We opted for an olive green door but have since decided to paint it either pink or a purpley pink. We got the cement, orla kiely esque tiles imported from an amazing german company, much cheaper than Victorian replacement tiles. The cabinet is the top of an old ikea cabinet whch we split down as we replaced it with a mega book/toy storage system...I like to re-use where possible. It looks better and will do until we have pipes and meters boxed in and a bespoke cabinet made.
Is this project finished yet? :-) Would love to see a photo.
Unfortunately not :-( (yet!) We currently have builders in our kitchen & outhouses knocking through walls and removing brick chimney breasts. It all started a bit quicker than planned so all other projects are on hold as can't cope with too much going on at once. Will post more as we get stuff done. Thanks for the interest though :-)
The light shade is my most favourite thing in here. I love lighting!
Beautiful lamp! thank you so much, Flutterbymama.
lights in gran's jug
Great job! thank you so much, flutterbymama.
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