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   Mary Carmen SV
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I am a painter living in Mexico City with my husband who is a dentist and loves wood handcrafts, he help me a lot in my painting projects assembling new designs we create.
I love bright colors, and I think a house should be a place that reflects the happines of being alive.
BEFORE & AFTER (4 張照片)
La Casa Roja (13 張照片)
My Place (45 張照片)
At the center of the house is the living room, with a pleasant garden view.
Nice feeling
At one side of the patio there is a fountain, framed with an iron spirals.
Fabulous! thank you so much, Mary.
Me encanta esta fuente, de estilo colonial y original! very beautiful colonial fountain!
refreshing :)
Combining materials and textures such as the wall named in Mexico "sillar" it's like a yellow stone with little stones framing them, you can find stairs at the front of the house.
Beautiful! thank you so much, Mary.
A handcrafted sun is hanged at the patio, always watching the children playing.
Great job! thank you so much, Mary.
O compro un refrigerador más grande o dejo de pegarle imanes ! je ---- Do I have to buy a bigger fridge or stop hanging magnets =)
Great job! thank you so much, Mary.
Watermelon slices in my kitchen.
Great ideas! thank you so much, Mary.
Paper lights from a Mexican Store called: "Idea" They look beautiful at night.
Fantastic lighting!! thank you so much, Mary.
Kitchen table
Gorgeous! thank you so much, Mary.
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