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My Guest Bedroom (14 張照片)
My fishpond (16 張照片)
Portfolio of ideas collected for a friend of mine (21 張照片)
My foyer and hallway (38 張照片)
My Island House I Designed (43 張照片)
Powder Room Remodel (5 張照片)
Greatroom (26 張照片)
Kitchen (33 張照片)
Christmas 2010 (8 張照片)
Master Bedroom (22 張照片)
Nautical bathroom (14 張照片)
My Place (35 張照片)
Tea Crate Furnishings
great job!
South Korean Celedon Vases with open fretwork
Next to red, this is my favorite color!
handpainted nightstand with added beaded board
This nightstand was salvaged from a flood in my house from Hurricane Ivan. Before I painted it, it was just a boring white all over. I added some beaded board to the sides and painted it a darker olive green than the walls. The flowers are a Redoute botanical print I copied off the web and decoupaged on the door, then sealed it. Added a new knob to match, painted and stenciled the top.
Now that I've seen the entire piece,I like it even more!
stenciled top of handpainted nightstand
Thumbs up!
Bathroom humidity makes a great place for plants
View of screened porch off the great room upstairs. Please excuse the quality, photo got wet.
great place for family gathering
Front door winter arrangement from plants in my yard
nice red door ^^
Double lavoratory vanity with maple counter top
I wanted to warm up all the white with the wood top which is sealed with many coats of marine varnish to protect it from moisture. The recessed ring pull hardware is used on boats and ships where space is at a premium and you don't need hardware sticking out to catch on things. My idea of a theme bathroom is not one of fish and mermaids, but by using materials normally used such as the lighting, hardware, colors. The round swivel mirrors above the lavs are to simulate portholes on a ship.
simply gorgeous, the wood top is a great idea.
Bedroom Panorama - Summer Decor
This panorama of my bedroom was done by taking many separate photos of the room and editing them together using a panorama software.
great job! panorama is fantastic.
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